Meet the Committee

Our committee is made up of parents of children attending the preschool past and present, all giving up there time for free for the benefit of the preschool.

We are always welcome new members. If your thinking about joining us details of our next meetings can be found here.


Here’s a few of our current members and why they joined the Thurlton Preschool Committee-

Stephanie Binks (Secretary)

‘I joined the pre school committee basically as I have a huge interest in my sons education. I like to know what’s happening in the walls he spends 15+ hours a week in and what events are in progress to make his pre school days as fun and fulfilling as possible.

I was elected as secretary after a few meetings, having only lived in the village for a few months at the time, I would now class a lot of the committee as very good friends and feel like a part of village life. I feel like I know the staff members really well and this makes me happy to leave my son in their very capable hands. And if that’s not a good enough reason to attend…meetings are held at the local pub!’

Dawn Dean (Joint Secretary & Website Editor)

‘I joined the committee after moving to the village and not really knowing anyone, I was really impressed with the way the preschool welcomed myself and my children. I was asked if I would like to attend a meeting to see what its like on the committee and I have never left since.

It’s a lovely way to meet new people and I have gained life long friends plus its rewarding knowing your part of what keeps the preschool running. We help organise fund raising events and we chip in and help if we can too on the day. Without the committee we wouldn’t have a preschool so its important to me to do my part and keep the preschool going for future children to enjoy. I have now taken on the role of updating and editing the website which I really enjoy.

If your thinking of joining its very worthwhile and it lovely being part of a great little team.’