June Newsletter

Newsletter June 2016

We have a busy few weeks coming up … Getting our leavers ready for, big school and enjoying our topic “the Olympics”. We will be Tasting different foods from around the world, experimenting with different wars of moving, and talking about the different sports in the Olympics.

Sun Cream

Please can we ask that all children have sun cream applied each day, could you please apply before leaving your child at pre school. If you would like us to reapply please supply a named bottle to be placed in the designated tub. If you have a 8 hr sun cream that is only applied in the morning this would be very helpful to staff and would mean children get longer outside as they wont be as much prep needed before going in the garden.

Garden Update

As we are sure you have seen there has been lots of changes in the outside area – all very exciting, we are hoping to have our new play house and shed in the  next few weeks, this has been brought with kind donations from the Local composting scheme and the generosity and support from all the parents at our recent events. So thank you.

Ice packs

Please could you place a ice pack in your child’s Lunch box now the weather is warmer.

Dates for the Diary

  • 17th June – School Leavers to the big School for the morning (Thurlton only)
  • 7th July- Sports Day – 1.30 (more details to follow)
  • 8th July – School Leavers to bigschool for the morning (Thurlton only)
  • 13th July – Whole Preschool Trip to Pettits (more Details to follow)
  • 19th July – End of Year Party -10:00 – 1:00 whole School, 1:00 – 3:00 School Leavers.